State of Terror - the reception

Our book, State of Terror, by Thomas Suarez is receiving a lot of attention. It’s always gratifying when books are read by the people they criticise, rather than just preaching to the converted. Two extreme Zionists, Jonathan Hoffman and David Collier, have spent – or maybe ‘wasted’ is the world – a good deal of time and effort analysing the book in order to demonstrate that it is an ‘antisemitic fraud.’

We stand by the book, of course. It is neither anti-Semitic nor a fraud. But anyone who wants to understand how shaky such claims are should read the Hoffmann/Collier document, along with Suarez’s rebuttal of each item point by point. Without pre-empting the pleasure of reading Suarez’s demolition of the shoddy so-called ‘report’, it’s worth giving one small example of the ‘research’ these two shouty people have carried out in a desperate attempt to stifle the truth about Israel and its origins. On numerous occasions, the two Zionists dismiss evidence produced by Suarez because it comes from sources they label ‘anti-zionist.’ They fail to realise that researchers become anti-zionist as a result of seeing evidence for the appalling misdeeds of Zionists. You might just as well dismiss evidence for the Jewish holocaust because the people who present this research are ‘anti-Nazis. In both cases, of course they are.

One other point, these two hysterical gentlemen are known for levelling spurious claims of anti-semitism against critics of Israel. They don’t seem worried by the fact that when their own charges are investigated they are found to be baseless. In this regard it’s worth reading the report of the House of Lords Privileges Committee which, among other things, includes a panoply of communications from Mr Hoffman which give some idea of the harassment someone can expect from this man with time on his hands if they criticise Israel. Unsurprisingly the House of Lords found no evidence of anti-semitism in the meeting complained of by Hoffman, but that didn’t stop him and his friend launching further attacks.

We hope the two of them have enough spare time to draw similar attention to two new books published this year by Skyscraper, Palestine: The Reality and Balfour in the Dock. There is no shortage of material in both books to provide many happy hours for them trying to prove the books ‘anti-semitic’ in the National Archives at Kew.

Their ‘report’ and Suarez’s reply are here.

And the House of Lords Privileges Committee Report is here.

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