Publisher's Weekly calls 'Unholyland' 'engaging and remarkable'

Publisher's Weekly reviews our newest release, Unholyland, calling it 'an innovative work that draws the reader in with a real sense of urgency'.

"The well-worn ground of cross-conflict love is given the sonnet treatment in this story of an Israeli DJ and a Palestinian rapper who struggle to make their burgeoning relationship work despite a history of war...

Despite the many obstacles in their way, the two are determined to be together, although their countries and people have other ideas. Told in a series of sonnets, the story draws on a litany of influences, including the political slingshot hip-hop of Palestine, Rastafarian reggae, religious myth, and slang. The result is

an engaging and remarkable story that moves from past to present to provide a comprehensive (if decidedly anti-Israel) view of decades of conflict between two peoples and different generations. With so much going on, it is easy to lose the

thread of the narrative among the rhymes and time-jumps. Even so, it is an

innovative work that draws the reader in with a real sense of danger and urgency."

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