New Statesman on 'America's Dreyfus'

We're delighted by the continuing glowing reviews for America's Dreyfus, Joan Brady's extroadinary exploration of the case against Alger Hiss and the corrupting influence of political power.

“This extraordinary book… is part autobiography, part memoir of [Alger] Hiss, part thriller, and also a reminder of what happens when a society becomes infected by the paranoia that produced the American “Red Scares” after the First and Second World Wars.… As Joan Brady shows, a politics built on whipped-up terror is bad for all of us.”

New Statesman

[Alan Ryan 12-18 February 2016]

“Compelling...absorbing...a bracing reminder of what indeed was so hateful, so villainous about Nixon and his political ascent.”


[John R MacArthur, 26 September 2015]

“Remarkable… A unique perspective… Flags up the surely remarkable fact that no corroborating witness or evidence has ever emerged.… The plank of Brady’s argument that looks hardest to shift concerns the role the press played in demolishing Hiss’s reputation… What she found is ‘jaw-dropping’… Brady shows it wasn’t only Time that did a terrible job of writing the first draft of history.”


[Susanna Rustin 19 October 2015]

“Engagingly written… [Brady] argues persuasively that Hiss was ‘a wronged and innocent man battling the vast resources of an unjust state’.… She succeeds in throwing substantial doubt on the soundness of the verdict.” ****

New Internationalist

[PW, October 2015]

“Brady’s strength lies in her narrative skill, which renders the frame-up convincing… Not a single human being has corroborated Chambers's tale of Hiss as a spy.”

History Today

[David Lowenthal, January 2016]

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