'Spectator' Review for 'America's Dreyfus'

John R. MacArthur reviewed our newest publication, America's Dreyfus, for The Spectator.

"...Brady has done a convincing job of reading and reinvigorating the long trial and hearing transcripts, as well as a vast amount of published and unpublished literature about the case. To her credit, she has rendered the Hiss/Nixon duel more compelling for a younger audience unfamiliar with ‘the trial of the century’ by styling this cri de coeur as a memoir and relating chatty anecdotes about her complicated friendship with Hiss. Specialists may quibble with Brady’s reliance on her own life story to enliven the recounting of Hiss’s tragic fall. But her personal feelings about the red-baiting that engulfed America in the late 1940s and early 1950s, viewed through the intimidation of her father and husband by anti-communist hysteria, make America’s Dreyfus an absorbing read." Read the full review here.

“…now comes Joan Brady with a bracing reminder of what indeed was so hateful, so villainous about Nixon and his political ascent.”

“…compelling for a younger audience unfamiliar with ‘the trial of the century’…”

“…an absorbing read…”“…[Brady] is a very good judge of character, and the book is strongest in its analysis of the contrasting personalities of the patrician, Harvard-educated Hiss, and the striving, working-class Nixon…”

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