Reviews of 'Good for Nothing' and a Thumbs Up from Stephen Fry


Skyscraper's 'Good for Nothing' is a first novel by an American author who hits the ground running with a mixture of humour and tragedy that has hints of John Updike and Joseph Heller. Flip Mellis is overweight, weak-willed and suicidal, and in the course of a couple of weeks while he tries to save his marriage and find a new job he meets a gallery of brilliantly-depicted characters from smalltown America.

“…very funny, painfully observant, no-holds-barred…a brilliant book…” Audrey Niffenegger

''The book could be the lovechild of Bill Bryson and Martin Amis. And it's peppered with the kind of slick slapstick situation comedy that made the Hangover movies such big hits. But at its heart is a very serious point. It is about the tsunami of destruction that has hit Middle America since the financial crisis.'' The Daily Mail

And Stephen Fry weighed in on Twitter: "now enchanted by Good For Nothing...[this is an] overlooked book."

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